FASTER Accounting Services

With everything a trust/estate professional has to do these days, the last thing you need to worry about is preparing and filing probate/court accountings.

FASTER Accounting Services provides the personnel and expertise to minimize the time and resources spent complying with local court rules.

Using our state-of-the-art accounting system, FASTER, accountings are prepared in a timely manner with little effort on your part. You provide copies of the transaction history and other requested documents and FASTER Accounting Services takes care of the rest. In a short time, the accountings are prepared in the format acceptable by your local courts and delivered to you for filing. You only need to prepare any legal court documents required.

For recurring accountings, we can access financial statements online via a broker’s or bank’s client web portal with 3rd party access.  We update the accountings throughout the accounting year with little or no work on your part. We retrieve the data on a monthly basis and our accountants work on the accountings all year long and provide an accounting ready for filing with the courts or to supply to beneficiaries or other financial consultants such as your income tax preparer.

From one to one hundred years in length, no account is too big or too small. Fees are generally transaction based with hourly fees only being charged on complex or complicated accounts for research or consultation time. Even if you do less than five accountings a year, FASTER Accounting Services requires no minimums, you only pay for the accounts that you need. Most of our clients charge our fees directly to the trust or estate, in turn, incurring no cost to the trust department.

Other accounting documents can also be prepared, such as Schedules of Distribution (with Specific Income Calculations) and Decedent’s or Guardianship Inventories. We can even provide Date of Death Valuations for estate purposes.

Please contact us for a fee schedule or for more information, please contact Kathy Dever at 508-588-2034 or by e-mail at