Estate and Gift Tax System Features

Fully Integrated Estate Tax Modules including:

  • Federal Estate Tax Return (706) including Schedule R and R-1
  • PA Inheritance Tax Return (PA-1500)
  • NJ Inheritance Tax Return (IT-R) 

Import APPRAISE or Estate-Val files including accruals for all applicable schedules including ability to use pricing vendor’s description, global asset descriptions or user-defined descriptions

Simultaneously generate Estate Tax and Inventory Descriptions with individual editing capability

Full Integration of Probate Accounting and Estate Tax data

Create Trust Accounting opening balance from 706 Schedule G Assets

Calculate Estate Taxes for prior and future years (706 calculations available from 1999 through current available tax rates)

Input data and calculate return immediately; no waiting for release of programs for current year

Create copy of tax case and edit as needed for states that have decoupled and require older versions of 706 to be filed with state return

Summary screens can be used for calculating possible tax implications without full data entry

Ability to view and sort transactions on specific schedules

Performs Inter-Related and Remainder Value Circular Calculations with Printed Report

Enter data in Tax System without affecting Court Accounting

Multiple Executors Schedule

IRS 706 Continuation Schedules Used

Actual return schedules displayed on screen

Print Entire Form, Schedules or Individual Pages


Create Gifts to Trusts or Multiple Donees

Create Gifts with Marital or Charitable Exclusion

Split Gifts with Spouse

Create Spouse’s Gift Tax Return from existing gift tax return with common information

Calculate and Allocate GST Exemption to specific gifts

Create Supplementary Statements for individual gifts

System keeps track of multiple gifts per donee

Rollover data to following year with current year gifts added to prior gifts automatically

Actual return schedules displayed on screen

Print Entire Form, Schedules or Individual Pages