Data Entry Features

Easy access and editing of transactions

Easy access and editing of transactions

Duplicate recurring transactions by using “Copy” and “Copy and Increment Date” functions

Search for data quickly and easily using “Sort” and “Search” features

Customize data entry using system and account level “Preferences” Option

Utilize standard descriptions with Global user-defined tables

Create New Global Items during data entry

Drop-down user-defined tables:

  • Assets
  • Asset Types
  • Payee Groups
  • Standard Transaction Descriptions
  • Responsible Accountants
  • Responsible Administrator/Attorney information
  • Disbursement Types
  • Cash Accounts
  • Capital Changes
  • Affidavits

Transaction descriptions display exactly as they will appear in print (WYSIWYG)

Asset-related transaction descriptions are system generated based on the transaction date, asset type and holdings, and can be edited if needed.

Fiduciary Acquisition Values are calculated automatically on averaging basis during data entry for accounting purposes while tax costs are calculated separately in the background for tax reporting

Create different versions of the same case using “Copy to New ID” function

Copy cases for a specified period for periodic reporting without affecting original case

Transfer closing balances from one accounting to opening balance of next accounting using “Rollover” feature

Prepare and reconcile separate accounts and use “Merge Account” function to combine transactions between the accounts

Combined Transaction Screens help eliminate Duplicate Data Entry:

  • Dividend Reinvestments
  • Capital Gains Distributions and Reinvestment
  • Transfers between Principal and Income