Inquiry / Printing Features

Display individual balances for an asset or cash account

Display and print transactions for a specified date range with running balances

Display and Print all transaction history for individual assets and cash accounts

Sort Inquiry displays by date, transaction type, asset code, CUSIP #, dollar amount, etc…

Edit or delete any transaction directly from Asset or Cash Inquiry/Maintenance screens

Display totals for reconciliation purposes:

  • Inventory values
  • Cash Account balances
  • Total Account Value w/ Principal/Income and Cost/Market Value breakdown
  • Total Income Cash Receipts

Options for printing court reports:

  • Entire court report
  • Individual schedules
  • One or more selected pages from an individual schedule (maintains pagination)

Uses most laser printers

Create PDF files for e-mailing or electronic storage

Various font sizes available

User defined print margins

Print Footer/Header with Account/Case Number and/or Name

Summarize Income Cash Receipts Reports to reduce pages

Single Space Income Cash Receipts, Disbursements and Distributions to reduce pages

Produce completely finished, ready to sign and submit court accountings

Print Transaction listings for a selected date range