System Requirements

FASTER Systems provides its software through a secure on-line hosted environment using Windows Remote Desktop Services.

PC Requirements

FASTER ASP can be accessed from any PC running Windows and Internet Explorer 9 or higher. A specific site needs to be added to the user’s Trusted Sites. If the user’s internet access is running on a network, firewall changes may be required. Specific information on the Trusted Sites and Firewall changes will be provided when needed.


Users must have access to an HP Compatible Printer with a PCL driver installed.


The user’s session is secured using SSL (512 bit) encryption. Each client has their own database located on our servers with access including a username and password. A second level of security can be added at the database level to assign specific database rights to different users. Firewalls, as well as other security procedures are in place to ensure secure access to your data.

Other Information

Databases are backed up on a nightly basis.

FORTURST, our hosting company, provides 24/7 round-the-clock support and monitoring of our servers almost eliminating any downtime.

More detailed information on our servers and procedures are available upon request.